Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This policy governs the services provides on this website: https://sparkamaid.com


Due to health and safety reasons, we are unable to clean up mold, human, pest (flea and rodent infestations, etc.) or pet waste and bodily fluids. If we come into a home that requires this type of cleaning we will skip the affected rooms. We do ask to be informed beforehand if this may be an issue.

we do not use products with bleach. If there is excessive mold or stains in tile grout, we suggest having the grout professionally re-grouted and sealed.

We do not climb higher than a 2-step ladder. We do use extension poles for higher items that need dusting and cobwebbing.

Cleaning Techs are required to wear closed toed, non-skid shoes while cleaning. We are not able to provide service for “shoes off” households.

To ensure the best quality of service, best rates, and safety of our staff,  SparkaMaid uses only Company supplies.


We understand things happen in life and that is why we have a room to accommodate emergency situations.

We require 1 business days notice to cancel an appointment and rescheduled without penalty.

There will be a 50% cancelation fee if you completely cancel your cleaning order. You are allowed to rescheduled your appointment for a maximum of 2 times on same order.  rescheduling your appointment may delay your service as we have to attend to other customers first.

2 types of Customers 

We do have 2 types of customers for our both residential and commercial customers.

We have first class customers and second class customers.

First class customers are customers that ordered cleaning service online and paid deposit online before the scheduled date. we attend to first class customers first before attending to second class customers. we do not cancel or propose First class customers scheduled date unless if there is a bad weather such as heavy rain, storm, hurricane or if the first class customers choose to propose their scheduled date.

Second class customers are customers that ordered cleaning service online but did not pay deposit online before the scheduled date. we reserve the right to cancel or propose second class customer’s order if we have heavy work flow from our first class customers or if the weather is bad such as heavy rain, storm, hurricane.

We have $10 CCGift card for our first class customers on their second order. We send $10 CCGift card to our first class customers email after first order.  The $10 CCGift card can be use on your second order with us.

Both our first class customers and second class customers can earn cashback and points on every order placed online.


Cleaning service occurs between 9am- 5pm on your regularly scheduled day. we can not guarantee an exact arrival/ departure time but we always try to maintain the exact arrival time customers choose on their order.


We reserve the right to reschedule any appointment if a situation beyond our control arises such as Hurricane, Storm, heavy rain, or any other bad weather and staff illnesses. If that occur we will notify customer ahead of time via phone or email.


We will discuss arrangements of how to access your home before your first service. Clients generally provide a copy of the house key for the company which alleviates the need for the clients to remember to leave out or  hide-a-key or having to wait around to let us in each visit (which also avoids lock out charges).  there is a $25 lock out charges if we arrive your home and not able to have access to your home.


We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, cash, money order. For weekly, bi-weekly, monthly order paid with credit card or debit card or Paypal, we automatically bill contract customers on the due date. For weekly, biweekly, monthly order paid with cash or money, customer will need to pay on the service day.


We request that the house be unoccupied during the time of cleaning. This way we can be the most efficient and give the best rate possible. We understand this may not always be possible and it would just need to be something to be discussed before setting up service.


We love them! But please secure any pet that may be a threat. Also, we do not clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.


Customers have 2 days to report any damaged or breakage caused by our employees. SparkaMaid will not be responsible for any damaged or breakage reported after 2 days.

Cleaning service refund

We do not issue refund on our cleaning service orders. If you are not satisfy with our cleaning, let us know within 24 hours and we will make arrangement to come back and reclean free of charge within 72 hours of our working days.

Our products Return and Refund

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help.
Our products can be returned within 15 days of the original purchase of the product.

Product return requirements! Before you return product, please make sure that:

The product was purchased within the last 15 days
The product is in its original packaging
The product has no physical damage like scratch, broken
The product must look exactly as it was when you received it

The product has not been used

we will not refund a product if it does not meet the above requirements.
Customer can return product by contacting us via live chat, open support ticket, request call back.

Shipping charges

Customer is responsible for return shipping cost.

Damaged items

If you received a damaged product, please notify us immediately for assistance.

Sale items

Sale items are eligible for refund.

Refund & Restocking fee

We refund to all payment methods but there are restocking fees apply to each payment method refund. our system automatically choose the payment method with the lowest restocking fee, however if you prefer your refund to be send to a different payment method order than the one our system choose for you, you may contact us via chat or submit ticket. please note that we deduct the restocking fee first and then send you the balance after restocking fee deduction. here are the payment methods with the restocking fees.

Refund to CCWallet:                         0% restocking fee

Refund to CCAccount:                      0% restocking fee

Refund to Credit Card:                     25% restocking fee

Refund to Bank account:                  50%  restocking fee

Refund to Paypal:                              20%  Restocking fee

Refund through Western union:     50% restocking fee

CCGift Cards:                                       Has no refund

CCClub Membership Rules

CCClub Membership is membership that gives free shipping

Customers can cancel his or her membership at anytime but there is a cancellation fee apply.

If you have not used your CCClub membership to make purchase, there are no cancellation fee for unused membership.

If your CCClub membership is zero ($0) balance then there is no cancellation fee

If you already used your CCClub membership then there is 50% cancellation fee base on your remaining balance.

The 50% cancellation fee can be waived if you choose for your membership refund to be send to your CCWallet or CCAccount.

Full Refunds
We offer full refund on any items that are found to be faulty or damaged due to our fault. product damaged due to customer’s fault are not eligible for refund.

Partial Refunds
We also offer partial refund on returned items which have some original parts missing. In such a case, the customer can only get partial refund.

We will provide Refund for any damaged goods delivered to you, and you may return it at no charge to you.

All Returns & Exchanges that are due to the customer’s preference or customer’s fault will incur a 17% restocking fee on customer’s first return. On the customer’s 2nd or more return within the year, the customer will receive a 35% restocking fee. Customers looking to Exchange items will have to pay both way shipping.

All refunds are sent to customer’s CCWallet or CCAccount and not to customer’s original payment method.

We do not issue refund for shipping costs unless there was an error made on your order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further clarification on any of our policies.

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