Make money as an Affiliate. get paid per sales into your Paypal account every end of the month. free to Join and start earning money


Frequency Asked Questions:

1. Q. When do I get paid?

A. You get paid every end of the month

2. Q.How do I get paid?

A. You get paid into your Paypal account

3. Q. How much do I get paid per sale?

A. You get paid 20% per sale from your unique URL.

4. Q. How does the affiliate program work?

A.  Step 1. To Join click on become an affiliate button If you are logged in

Step 2. Copy your unique URL and share with your friends and family, also you can share it on social media like Facebook, Twitter and others.

5. Q. Where do I get my unique URL from?

A. To get your unique URL, click on general link, Copy the referral URL and share it anywhere you like.

6. Q. How do I request for payment?

A. To request for payment, login to your SparkaMaid account, when logged in, you will see payments link, click on payments and follow the instructions on the payment page

7. Q. Where do I view the commissions earned?

A. From dashboard,you can view all the commissions,  Stats and recent  clicks from your unique URL.

8. Q. How do I withdraw my Earnings?

A. To withdraw your Earnings, go to setting and enter your Paypal email address where you want to receive your payment. we process payment within 1-7 days. make sure to enter a valid Paypal Email address to avoid your payment sent to wrong account.

Have questions?, Contact customer service via chat or submit ticket

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